Dear Marvin,
We went out to the ranch last weekend and were so pleased with what we saw!
The new fence is wonderful and looks like it has always been there – not something brand new and out of place. You did a great job of painting, cleaning up and leaving our cabin looking even better than before.
Thank you so much for your efficient and timely work. We are very impressed and if we ever need a fence somewhere else, we will call you!

Thank you once again,

Mary Lynn Oliver.


Marvin and Guys,
Judy and I want to thank you for the excellent job you all did on fencing the lagoon, corners and finishing the coral area.
We appreciate the ease in working with you all, and your acceptance on the changes and added fencing. Your workmanship and timeless in completing the job is a great witness to the pride you have in your business and work.
Judy and I also want to thank you for welding up her pony shoes into a Cross, and what a great surprise to find the Cross you made on our coral gate, it’s beautiful and express to all that see it the love we have for the Lord.
Thanks again, if any of you are ever in the neighborhood again, please stop by for a cup of coffee, a glass of tea or just to say hi.

Your friends,

Gary and Judy Miller


Dear Mr. Mosier,
Thank you so much for the beautiful cross made of horse shoes. What a wonderful reminder of our Saviors Sacrifice and of your kindness. I will remember you when I look at it hanging (I’m thinking tack room). I really hope our paths cross again you are a fine human being, a terrific welder and great business man. Thank you for my beautiful fence!

Jennifer and Chris Lette


Josh and Scott did a bang-up job on the bench. Just now I wanted it, and a good finish.

Thanks ,



Thanks for helping us out today. I don’t often find people kind enough to go out of their way. We truly appreciate it.

Patsy Sphar


I appreciate the professional job that was done. Very pleased with the work of your crew.

Thank you,

Brad Palmer


Thank you Josh, Perfect!!

Tim Downs


Thank you Marvin, the job you did looks great!



I wanted to thank you for the work you did and for all the little extras you took care of too.
The horse shoe crosses on the columns add a nice touch to the courtyard.
Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!


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